meet Katharine

- Karl Lagerfeld

- KK

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A rare breed – I’m native to these parts. I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale.

My entire family is from Massachusetts, so in addition to loving the Miami Dolphins, I root for the Red Sox and the Patriots. This makes football season very interesting. I am inspired by my daughter’s imagination, antique gems and all things family.

After graduating with two degrees, one in multimedia and the other in web design/marketing, I decided to ditch corporate America for a hot minute and move to Key West! After living in Key West, I moved to NY for a time and traveled to some spectacular places like Portugal and Spain. I love a good adventure and will travel anywhere.

Did I mention that I make a sick chimichurri? Random, but it’s the most amazing topping on pretty much anything. My last meal would consist of pizza (or anything Italian), tacos, french fries and anything chocolate – preferably Reese’s. I am also addicted to Spark and espresso.

I’m obsessed with Michael’s and Home Goods. You can pretty much find me at one of these locations weekly.

I’ve been a graphic artist and web designer for over 15+ years. I also sold my soul to the online marketing and data sales world for 10 years.

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If I’m not designing or shooting, I love to collaborate with other photographers outside in this tropical paradise or in a studio! Otherwise, I am hanging with my superman (aka my baby daddy), my beautiful daughter and my Boxer-baby Gemma.